GBC slot cancelled at next EPC meeting

Effingham Parish Council (EPC) has decided to cancel the Guildford Borough Council (GBC) slot at the next EPC meeting on Tuesday 29 April, as both lead councillors aren’t available to speak at the meeting (as previously announced . The GBC slot will be rescheduled for another EPC meeting when both lead councillors are available to attend.

The EPC meeting, is at King George V Hall, Browns Lane, and will presumably start at the normal time of 8pm.

2 thoughts on “GBC slot cancelled at next EPC meeting”

  1. I think this is sensible as Paul Spooner is the person we really need to hear from and since he cancelled the 29th let’s rearrange for a date he can manage. As well as being Council Leader, Paul Spooner is also the Lead Councillor for Planning Policy and accountable for the Local Plan.

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