Paul Spooner cancels talking at EPC meeting

Further to the recent post on the next Effingham Parish Council (EPC) meeting on Tuesday 29th May 2018. The meeting, at King George V Hall, Browns Lane, is planned to start earlier at 7:30pm.

Paul Spooner, leader of Guildford Borough Council (GBC), has cancelled talking at the next EPC meeting on Tuesday 29th May 2018. Only Cllr Matt Furniss, chairman of the planning committee, will be attending the meeting from GBC.

4 thoughts on “Paul Spooner cancels talking at EPC meeting”

  1. Actually Matt Furniss is currently Deputy Council Leader and Lead Councillor for Infrastructure, and not the Chairman of the Planning Committee (that’s Cllr Marsha Moseley).

  2. Is he the right person to put questions to about how the infrastructure consequences of the Howard will be tackled (e.g who we contact with concerns, the processes in place to handle such a large and long-lasting development, whether anyone is working with other public bodies who will also be affected). Is EPC accepting questions in advance?

    1. Jeremy, as you’ll see this meeting has been cancelled/postponed. But actually I think Matt Furniss would not have been able to help with your very pertinent concerns over infrastructure related to the Howard/Berkeley Homes proposals. He’s concerned with big ticket items such as the Sustainable Movement Corridor across Guildford, and to my regret rural infrastructure matters seem to get little attention.

  3. Thanks Liz. Er.. so what was the point of him coming to talk to Effingham if our concerns are not something he’d get involved with? And by extension – is there anyone in GBC who would be able to listen to our questions? All I want to hear from is someone who can say – yes we’ve dealt with this type of situation before (handling a rural infrastructure in what will become an urban area) and we have processes in place for what has to happen, and who needs to be involved. Berkeley Homes and the Howard have so far been allowed a free ride when it comes to dealing with the consequences of their actions, and my fear is this will continue when the actual building starts.

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