Installation Complete but Work by Residents needed to complete the Toddlers’ Playground

The installation of the toddlers’ playground on the KGV is now complete with all the new equipment installed and the playground is looking really good. The appeal organisers would like to thank the installation team, especially Marcus and Owen, who have done such a good job.

The surfaces now need to bed down and turf needs to be laid before the playground opens next Saturday. The appeal organisers are asking for help from residents in laying the turf and completing the tidying up of the playground. If you can spare a couple of hours to help on Saturday morning (adults only as the playground is not ready for children’s use) please contact the appeal organisers by emailing:

The Playhouse is installedThe Springer's are fittedThe fencing starts being fittedThe team hard at workThe fencing is complete and the gate is installedThe installation team signs off

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