KGV Toddlers Playground equipment ordered

The KGV Toddlers Playground Appeal organisers have announced on their Facebook page that the Effingham Village Recreation Trust (EVRT) has now placed an order for new playground equipment, based on the organisers’ recommendation.

The page also shows pictures of the new equipment to be installed and a plan of the new playground. Playdale, a British company based in Cumbria has been chosen to supply and install playground equipment for the toddlers’ playground using the public donations of approximately £27,000. Effingham Parish Council (EPC) has also placed an order with Playdale for bow topped railings to enclose the playground, using money from the Community Fund. The work is expected to take place in the next 8 to 10 weeks so that the playground should be completed by the Spring.

The Appeal began a year ago but it was the popular and successful Welly Walk in the KGV in March 2018 that captured residents’ and others’ imagination and led to the large amount of money raised. EFFRA would like to thank all those who have helped and contributed to this wonderful Appeal.

2 thoughts on “KGV Toddlers Playground equipment ordered”

  1. A big thankyou to Vivien White, Sarah Montgomery and Louise Wishart for all their hard work in making the new playground a reality. I look forward to my grandchildren using the new facility in the Spring. Well done.

  2. I can’t believe that this project is nearing completion as so much work has been involved by a small dedicated team. Congratulations to all involved and a big Thank you to all contributors. I AM SURE it will give pleasure for many years to come.

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