Letter: I Was Disappointed With Negative Response from Parish Council to My Suggestion

Norma Miller has written a letter to the Guildford Dragon in response to Chris Dick’s article (as reported on the EFFRA website here).

What do Effingham residents think? Do they agree with Norma Miller that the village needs a GP surgery, especially given that we will be getting an extra 300+ houses over the next few years. Legal constraints aside, where should such a surgery be sited, in the KGV Hall or elsewhere?

Read Norma Miller’s letter in the Guildford Dragon here

1 thought on “Letter: I Was Disappointed With Negative Response from Parish Council to My Suggestion”

  1. My wife and I are with Eastwick Medical practice; it takes 2 to 3 weeks to obtain an appointment with a doctor or nurse. I understand that there is similar timescale at Farifield (Bookham) and Horsley practices. With 300 more dwellings to be built in Effingham (say 900 more residents), plus further large numbers in Bookham and Horsley, the existing practices in their current form will clearly be unable to cope.
    Norma Miller’s suggestion is wise and thoughtful.
    What are EPC doing to plan for this looming crisis? The answer would appear to be to sit on their hand sand do nothing.
    Consideration and planning needs to be given to this infrastructure issue NOW.

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