Lost but now found over 200 missing objections to 110 homes on Green Belt

After extensive analysis, EFFRA made a formal complaint to Guildford Borough Council (GBC) that a large number of objections to planning applications 21/P/01283 and 21/P/01306 that were made through the EFFRA website during the consultation period in July and August 2021 had not been posted and therefore not taken into account by GBC when considering the planning applications. GBC has now informed EFFRA that it has now found a further 277 objections for 21/P/01283 and 207 objections for 21/P/01306. GBC is now processing these objections.

Planning application 21/P/01306 for 110 homes on the Green Belt at Effingham Lodge Farm was rejected by GBC, and is now subject to appeal APP/Y3615/W/22/3298341, see our post berkeley-homes-appeals-110-extra-homes-refusal for details.

GBC has been instructed to forward all valid recovered objections to the Planning Inspectorate. The Council has also been told to notify all authors of the missing objections, of the appeal, and we understand they will have 28 days from the date of notification to respond. If you think you may be an author of one of the missing objections please regularly monitor your spam/junk folder in case it is received there. GBC has also said it will be asking people who did not include their postal address to send it to them before registering their objection.

EFFRA is pleased that the objections have been found, but has a number of concerns regarding the response received from GBC, and will be responding accordingly.

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