Opinion: Guildford’s Housing Numbers Need Re-appraisal Following Brexit Decision

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Borough Councillor Colin Cross, for Lovelace, provides his personal view on the GBC housing numbers. He states that the Local Plan has a 6.9% increase in the number of houses built each year. He suggests that the Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) calculations undertaken by G L Hearn are deeply flawed. If the SHMA is re-evaluated then instead of building 652 dwellings per annum as proposed in the Local Plan, a more realistic figure should be 400 to 420 dwellings per annum.

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1 thought on “Opinion: Guildford’s Housing Numbers Need Re-appraisal Following Brexit Decision”

  1. I fully agree. My understanding is that GBC has simply accepted the housing figures presented to it by its consultants on the basis that the figures have been derived using a software model for which G.L. Hearn own the intellectual rights.
    It is outrageous incompetence by GBC to accept such vital figures without detailed separate scrutiny, verification and analysis.

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