Planning application for Sir Douglas Haig submitted

Planning application 20/P/01128 for the Sir Douglas Haig pub has been submitted to Guildford Borough Council for the

Refurbishment and extension to existing public house (A4) and conversion of 7no. room hotel (C1) to 2no. short let apartments (C1) and 1no. 1 bed residential apartment (C3) in addition to the erection of 4no. 2 bed and 2no. 3 bed dwellings to the side and rear. Demolition of existing coach house.

Anyone who wishes to comment on the plans should do so by 28 August 2020 by submitting their comments online at 20/P/01128

1 thought on “Planning application for Sir Douglas Haig submitted”

  1. What are the consequences for allowing housing which is – as I understand it – surplus to what was agreed for Effingham in the Neighbourhood / Local Plan? I would hope this might give the village a credit score for when the next NP and LP have to be agreed but equally I wonder whether this might invalidate what was agreed and leave the village open to even more development. FWIW I don’t especially like the design but at least it – apparently – saves the pub and pub building, and if it means The Haig now attracts a higher footfall and becomes a profitable venture, then it might be the best of a bad job.

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