Letter: Background to the Extended Closure Of Effingham’s KGV Car Park

Howard Manton, chairman of the Effingham Village Recreation Trust (EVRT), has written a letter to the Guildford Dragon in response to Chris Dick’s article in the Guildford Dragon regarding the cutting of the chains that kept Effingham’s KGV car park closed.

You can read the letter in the Guildford Dragon here

2 thoughts on “Letter: Background to the Extended Closure Of Effingham’s KGV Car Park”

  1. More interested to see a foolow-up to the Dragons article referring to planning app lodged re the sir douglas haig weeks ago. His article directed readers to GBC… still nothing. Odd that. Freeholder currying favour with parish with a couple of weeks hardly used community store?

  2. The planning application has now been validated and is available on the GBC website, application number 20/P/01128. (It normally takes a week or two for GBC to check all the right documents have been included in the submission.)
    I hope everyone will take the time to look at the details and make their comments to GBC, preferably by the consultation closing date of 28th August.

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