Press coverage of Traveller incursion in Effingham

Coverage of the incursion of Travellers onto Effingham Common and the King George V Playing Fields has so far been muted in the press, with the exception of the Guildford Dragon which has covered both incursions in two articles.

A group of Gypsies and Travellers moved on to an area of Effingham Common, this morning (August 22, 2017) at around 10.30am, according to a local resident who reported the incident to The Guildford Dragon NEWS. An unconfirmed report stated that the Travellers had broken the lock of a gateway onto the common and that a local resident had attempted to block the entrance with her car.
Further details on the first incursion is here

A second Traveller incursion has occurred in Effingham. This time around a dozen vehicles have moved on to the King George V playing fields, in the centre of the village. The stated intention of the latest group is to move on to a Christian “Light and Life” festival in the West Country, near Devizes. It is understood that the new arrivals do have a family connection with the group that moved onto Effingham Common on Tuesday.
Further details on the second incursion is here

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