Update by EVRT on Traveller Incursion on KGV Playing Fields

Thursday 24 August 2017, the Trustees of the charity, Effingham Village Recreation Trust, have provide an update on the incursion of Travellers onto the King George V Playing Fields, via their website

Precautions were taken last night to enhance the security of the building. As of this morning we have received no reports of new problems.

We have this morning been contacted by the local Neighbourhood Policing Team offering reassurance that they are closely monitoring the situation and that they will provide as much support as may be necessary in the processes that lie ahead.

Further steps in the legal process have been undertaken this afternoon and we are advised to expect that the courts will grant a possession order tomorrow (Friday) which will be served upon the travellers tomorrow.

Meanwhile residents are asked to be patient as these actions come into effect and not to get into the kind of situation on the KGV just reported by The Guildford Dragon.

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