RHS express concerns over M25/A3 interchange upgrade

RHS have expressed concerns about the proposals by Highway England in their upgrade of the M25/A3 roundabout, and how it impacts on access to RHS Wisley. They state that “Highways England’s current proposals remove all direct connection from Wisley Lane to the A3 – without suitable replacements. The basis of their suggested alternative routing would result in an additional 1.5 to 5.25 miles to the journey for all visitors who currently use the A3.”

RHS have put forward an alternative proposal which would add a new slip road, which would enable south going traffic to join the A3 at the Ripley roundabout. This proposal would reduce traffic that has to go around the M25/A3 roundabout, as well as reducing overall travel distances and vehicle emissions.

Full details of the RHS proposal are available on their website here, along with a graphic showing the difference in the two routes.

Full details of Highway England’s proposals, and how to comment is detailed in the post here. The deadline for receipt of all comments is 23:45 on Monday 26 March 2018.

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