Welly Walk for the KGV Toddlers’ Playground Appeal

The fundraising Welly Walk held today for the KGV Toddlers’ Playground Appeal was a great success and enjoyed by everyone, ending up with refreshments for all and soft play for the children in the KGV hall. Parents and children were also consulted about how they would like the playground to be improved and their suggestions were really helpful to the organisers.
Welly Appeal - Marshals

The organisers would like to thank all those who attended, especially the children who did the Welly Walk and all those volunteers (particularly the marshals) and the parents who contributed to making it such a success and enjoyable morning for everyone. For a further report see the EVRT website here.

Details of how to make a donation to the Appeal are available here

Welly Appeal - KGV Hall

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  1. Well done to all the organisers and volunteers. My grandson thoroughly enjoyed this event, and so did his grandparents! Very good luck with the fund-raising – it will be great to see this playground rejuvenated.

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