Road closure: Green Dene / Crocknorth Road 18 Dec.

The junction of Green Dene and Crocknorth Road will be closed on Monday 18 December for emergency patching works between 8am to 5pm. The map below shows the details.

Greene Dene is the road from the south side of the A246, East Horsley. And Crocknorth Road is the road which leads to Ranmore Common Road.

1 thought on “Road closure: Green Dene / Crocknorth Road 18 Dec.”

  1. Another road closure!! It’s actually becoming impossible to get round Effingham and Bookham. 2 sets of lights in Bookham, Hawkswood raise closed.. extra flow of traffic from the A3.. Then ridiculous drivers making dangerous manoeuvers.. to get through quicker than anyone else!

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