Status update on the KGV Car Park

Following the Traveller incursion and the closure of the KGV Playing Fields car park, the EVRT Trustees who manage the KGV Playing Fields, have posted an update. It explains why the car park remains closed, as the threat of continued incursion remains high. The Trustees are liaising with user groups to open it for events when it can be properly marshalled. They are also urgently looking at measures to increase the security of the Playing Fields, although they have no funds for this unexpected expenditure.

Whilst the car park remains closed at present, the KGV Playing Fields remain open, as well as Loolablells, and organised activities by user groups.

EFFRA is in close contact with the Trustees to offer support, and any help we can give. The KGV Playing Fields are a fantastic facility for the village, and the Trustees, who are voluntary and unpaid, are doing their best to manage them in the best interests of residents and users. We urge residents to show support for the Trustees in these difficult circumstances where they have hard and often unpopular decisions to take.

The full status report from the EVRT Trustees can be read on the Effingham KGV Hall & Playing Fields website here.

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