Effingham Common Traveller Incursion

Guildford Borough Council has issued the following statement on Tuesday 22 August 2017 to all Effingham Residents.

We have a traveller incursion on Effingham Common and I set out status and actions below.

Details as of 2pm today:
7 Caravans
13 Vehicles
Approx: 30 adults and 25 Children and some dogs
Descendancy: Irish, Welsh and from the Midlands

They want to stay for approximately a week and have come from Merton and are travelling through the borough to a religious festival in a couple of weeks time.

The Council will follow its process to remove the encampment as detailed on the Councils webpages www.guildford.gov.uk

Progress so far:

  • The welfare check has been undertaken
  • The S.77 direction to leave will be issued at 1030hrs Wednesday 23rd August 2017 requesting they vacate the site by 1030hrs on Thursday 24th August 2017
  • Letter to adjoining residents will be issued tomorrow detailing the process the Council follows

Given the bank holiday is upcoming it is unlikely we will be in a position to evict until the middle to the end of next week, if required, by the time we have a court time and mobilised bailiffs.

We will provide a portaloo on the site for hygiene purposes – I don’t have a confirmed time for delivery yet
We are conscious the site is a valuable wildlife habitat and we will monitor activity and impacts on the site in this regard. Any issues should be reported to our countryside wardens on Countryside@guildford.gov.uk . Our wardens are preparing an FAQ sheet in this regard.

Reporting and communications:
Please continue to reassure residents that the process is moving forward as quickly as possible and that the Council are not willing to tolerate the encampment. Please also continue to reassure residents that the site is being monitored at least once a day and rubbish is being collected regularly by our Countryside Wardens and Ranger Team. The police will provide regular PCSO controls for reassurance.

  • For general enquiries, residents should contact the Ranger Team 07880 784947, Parks helpdesk 01483 444718 or Customer Services 01483 505050
  • If residents do have any concerns regarding anti-social behaviour or criminal activity they should contact the Police on 101

We will update this group at least daily as the matter proceeds.

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