Yet Another Plea For 20mph Safety Limit at All Surrey Schools

Surrey County Councillor Fiona White suggests a 20mph speed limit outside all Surrey Schools at the GBC and SCC joint committee. Where the committee also discussed Effingham’s St Lawrence Primary School safety measures, as reported in our post here

Read the full article in the Guildford Dragon here

1 thought on “Yet Another Plea For 20mph Safety Limit at All Surrey Schools”

  1. Talking of speed limits, what is happening with the speed limit on Orestan Lane? Last week it changed from 30mph to 20mph which is a positive move for residents, walkers, cyclists and horse riders on the lane. Drivers regularly speed down this lane at 40mph so a reduction from 30mph to 20mph was a welcome move but should also be backed up by enforcement or at least visual reminders to speeding motorists.
    But worryingly and crazily this week, the speed limit has been changed back up to 30mph! This is a retrograde step. What has gone wrong? Can we have the peaceful 20mph limit back again please?

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